Delivery Time: 1-48 Hours

Price: $ 13

Normally This Service Reply Everyday 2-3 times. 


Working Monday-Friday. 


If you submit Friday late Night or after Friday, you wont get code before monday. 


Once you submit, we cant cancel or Refund for any circumstance. 

If cant wait or Reply comes with NOT FOUND, Use Our Samsung Europe 




Alert: Incase the provided unlock code doest not work


Reason for code not to work is either carrier has changed unlock code or simlock data is corrupted

There is No Verify option for codes obtained by this tool. Codes provided are factory codes and will not work Only in case phone has Bypass/OS Related/Operator changing code Issues. Strictly No Refunds even with videos.


1: Majority cases when phone ask for NCK code - dial the Unfreeze code in the NCK box instead of NCK code and it will say fail. With the second attempt dial the correct NCK.


2 : Update the phone software to fix the damaged or corrupted SIMlock data .