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A5 SN only support Ipad mini1/ ipad2 3 4

This is the iCloud unlocking by hardware method for iPad(Not unlock service).

Service is working 24/7 auto API.

 Warranty 24h for FMI Status 

Please write"A5"to place order
We will reply correct A5 SN+WiFi+BT address.


iCoud status warranty in 24 hours. After successful activation, please login to the new apple ID quickly.


Support CPU Models:A5/A5X/A6X

Not Support CPU Model:A7/A8/A8X/A9/A9X/A10


Support iPad Models:iPad 2/iPad 3/iPad 4/iPad mini

Not support :iPad Air/iPad Air2/iPad 2017/iPad 2018 /Pad mini2/iPad mini3/iPad mini4/iPad Pro


Result example:
DMPZQXXXX198 WiFi:9CF3877E0418 BT:9CF3877E0419









请注意:出单后本服务ID开关售后保修24小时,超过24小时后,如ID被锁定,概不退换,请在写入激活后,立即登录你的Apple ID防止他人套用。如出现个别写入后无法激活的情况,请及时与客服联系。





支持 iPad 型号:iPad 2/iPad 3/iPad 4/iPad mini

不支持 iPad 型号:iPad Air/iPad Air2/iPad 2017/iPad 2018

iPad mini2/iPad mini3/iPad mini4/iPad Pro



DMPJQXXXX186 WiFi:9CF3877E0415 BT:9CF3877E0416



1、This service iCloud is warranty for 24 hours,After successful activation,please login to the new apple ID quickly.

2、If information is could not active device,please check it in the following way.

① If your device is a cellular version(4G-lte),you need to cut off the gsm baseband to make it be the WiFi only;

② Dismantle the IC nand flash and using box edit write new full set serial by(Navi pro-IPbox.WL...ect);

③ Restore your device with iTunes;

④ Active it with WiFi or iTunes(IOS12 verison plaese don't active with other tools);

⑤ Enjoy your device.

⑥ If information is could not active device,please send to us screen photo information(with SN/WIFI/BT)on the activation screen.